i have been here for months now. watching as the gradual, persistent path of least resistance rolls over itself, dragging roots from the riverbank, meandering across the land. my dullstyle is a learning process. it is self-organizing. it creates patterns and the myths of patterns all the same.
my background is not in math or science as they’re now understood, but in philosophy, in inquiry – the study of being and our attempts to know it. these are not proofs, experimental or otherwise. these are only lines and a few of the ways we might move and connect them.
philosophy tests and refines new methods of inquiry. these methods take on languages, norms, structures of their own. self-organizing entities evolving along their paths of least resistance.
art is one of these methods. representation as a pseudo-communicative phenomenon. a work is presented, its meaning interpreted. art is the effort to understand and manipulate this process.
better to bore the world passionately than excite it without sense.
better to do a a dull thing with style than a dangerous thing without it.
 to do all a dull thing with style – this is what i call art.